Books By Alan

You’ll find a dedicated page for each book I’ve written under the Books By Alan tab in the menu above.

The image below is an overview of all my books, and it shows how they fit together. People often ask where’s a good place to start, and the truth is, you can start anywhere. Whatever appeals to you is a great place to begin, with one caveat – where books are part of a series, it’s usually best to read those in order (left to right in the image below). On every individual book page under Books By Alan above you can find more information about the book, read an excerpt, see review comments, and you’ll find all the buy links you might need. Hover over Books By Alan if you can’t see the list of titles. Along with the buy links shown on each page, you can also order any of my books through your favourite book store, local library (this really helps authors and please do it even if you buy books for yourself too!), or search online. If you have trouble finding anything, drop me a line.

You can also order signed copies directly from me if you’re in Australia (sorry, international postage is a killer), so if you want those drop me a line. If you’re outside Australia and you want signed copies, I can send you signed book plates to stick in a copy you buy in your own country. Again, contact me for details.