Sam Aston Investigations 3

Co-authored with David Wood

“Jurassic Park on steroids!”

The world’s greatest them park has a new main attraction!

When on old friend calls for help, Sam Aston returns to the home town he tried to leave behind. It soon becomes apparent there is something loose in the rainforest, and everybody wants a piece of it. Aston and adventure television show host, Jo Slater, find themselves in a race against local criminal elements, environmental extremists, and mysterious mercenaries to find the creature before it kills again. Sam enlists the aid of his old rival, park ranger Rusty Crews, and Ned King, a naturalist with a flair for self-promotion, who would like nothing better than to find the perfect main attraction for Crocalypse, his new bio theme park.

Crocalypse – An action-packed monster thriller with bite!

ISBN: 9798730397064