Tales of the Dark Weird Fantastic

Alan Baxter is a multi-award-winning author of horror, supernatural thrillers, and dark fantasy liberally mixed with crime, mystery, and noir. He’s also a martial arts expert, a whisky-soaked swear monkey, and dog lover. He creates dark, weird stories among dairy paddocks on the beautiful south coast of NSW, Australia, where he lives with his wife, son and hound.

“Baxter’s writing is like a Clive Barker and Neil Gaiman cocktail with a shot of Jack Ketchum thrown in.”

“If Stephen King and Jim Butcher ever had a love child then it would be Alan Baxter.”

Find him online at www.warriorscribe.com or find him on Twitter @AlanBaxter and Facebook.

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Devouring Dark

Hidden City

The Alex Caine Series – Bound, Obsidian and Abduction

and more…


The Roo

Manifest Recall

The Book Club

and more…


Served Cold

Crow Shine

I have two collected volumes of short stories, and many more stories in magazines, anthologies and online.

“Alan Baxter is an accomplished storyteller who ably evokes magic and menace.” – Laird Barron, author of Swift to Chase.

“Baxter delivers the horror goods.” – Paul Tremblay, author of A Head Full of Ghosts and The Cabin at the End of the World

“Step into the ring with Alan Baxter, I dare you. He writes with the grace, precision, and swift brutality of a prizefighter.”Christopher Golden, New York Times bestselling author of ARARAT and THE PANDORA ROOM

“Alan Baxter’s thrillers have complete anatomy—muscles, brains, guts, and heart.” – World Fantasy Award-nominated author, Anna Tambour.

“Alan Baxter delivers a heady mix of magic, monsters and bloody fights to the death. Nobody does kick-ass brutality like Baxter.” – Greig Beck, Internationally bestselling author.

“Alan Baxter’s fiction is dark, disturbing, hard-hitting and heart-breakingly honest. He reflects on worlds known and unknown with compassion, and demonstrates an almost second-sight into human behaviour.” — Kaaron Warren, Shirley Jackson Award-winner and author of The Grief Hole.

“…fantastic storytelling in the vein of Neil Gaiman or Alan Moore, but with a merciless black streak…” – Spooktapes

“Alan Baxter has joined the ranks of talented authors who seek to push the boundaries of fantasy fiction…” – The Manly Daily

“…if Stephen King and Jim Butcher ever had a love child then it would be Alan Baxter.” – Smash Dragons

“Alan’s work is reminiscent of that of Clive Barker and Jim C. Hines, but with a unique flavour all of its own.” – Angela Slatter, World Fantasy, British Fantasy and Aurealis Award winner.

“Baxter draws you along a knife’s edge of tension from the first page to the last, leaving your heart thumping and sweat on your brow.” – Midwest Book Review

a major new writer.” – The West Australian newspaper.