Write The Fight RightMy friend Gary Kemble came up with this idea and it’s a good one. Now that I’ve finally made my short ebook about writing fight scenes available, Gary suggested I run a written fight scene competition here on my blog. He actually said: “You should host a fight-writing kumite on your blog. Best 500-word fight scene wins… something? That’d be fun!”

I reckon that would be fun. So it begins here.

Send in a fight scene you’ve written, or write one specially for the contest. Absolutely maximum of 500 words, but if you can make a tight scene in 200 or 300 words I’ll be even more impressed. There doesn’t have to be any context or setup, we just want the fight – but make it real. Give us some description of the surroundings, let us know your characters just a little bit in the process. Try to make the fight scene as visceral and intense as you can.

Make it interesting. Your characters don’t have to be human. They can be magical or mundane, on a spaceship or in a garden shed, set in 1603 or 2533. It can be one on one, one on many or many on many. Hand-to-hand or weapons. Mix it up and make it fun.

Send your entry to me at alan(@)alanbaxteronline(.)com – (take out the ( ) obviously). Put “FIGHT WRITING CONTEST” in the subject line. I’ll use my completely unbiased judgement to decide which are the best scenes and there’ll be prizes.

1st place gets a copy of my Write The Fight Right ebook in the format of their choice and a signed copy of RealmShift.

2nd and 3rd place get copies of Write The Fight Right in whatever format they prefer.

I’ll post the three winning fight scenes here with links back to the authors once the decision is made.

All clear? Good.


EDIT – A commenter asked about a deadline, which is a very relevant point. So, the deadline is midnight Australian EST, this Sunday, April 17th. I’m off to Perth for Swancon on Thursday next, so better that the contest doesn’t run into next week. And I’ll need a day or two to read the entries and pick a winner.