I’m prepared to bet that the above title has never been seen by humans before. And it takes a dude like Jason Fischer to make that happen. Jason is a good friend of mine, a top notch writer, a Writers Of The Future winner, no less, and a master of puns. His novella, Gravesend, published by Black House Comics, is available now. It’s an installment in After the World – a new ongoing series, each issue a new story set in a world where the dead don’t take no for an answer.

Gravesend is in newsagents now, but you can win a copy simply by penning a haiku. Jason is running this contest on his site and the rules are very simple:

To enter, simply compose a haiku – the only catch is it must be zombie or apocalypse themed. Post your haiku in this comments thread (either at jasonfischer.com.au or on the LJ feed, it’s all good). As long as you meet the 5-7-5 rule, I’m not too fussed if you mention a seasonal reference – though if you mention winter and brains, it will earn you bonus points.

Go to Jason’s site here to enter. (This contest is only open to Aussie residents). I’ve entered. Will you?