The erstwhile Lee Pletzers recently invited me to pen a guest post at his site, A Horror Writer’s Blog. So I did:

When Lee asked me to write about how and why I write, the question struck me as a strange one. How can I not write? But I suppose that’s the kind of thing a lot of non-writers don’t get. I have these stories and characters squirming around in my brain like maggots in rotting flesh, and I have to let them out or I’ll explode. And yeah, I just compared my brain to rotting flesh – have you read the stuff I write?

I’m lucky, but as the old saying goes, the harder I work, the luckier I get. My “day job” is as a Personal Trainer and Martial Arts Instructor. I’m lucky because those things mean I see clients and teach evening and morning classes and subsequently have large chunks of the day in which to write. But I worked bloody hard to get myself into a position where I could do that. No one becomes a Kung Fu instructor overnight. I’m lucky because I do the things I love for a living – I teach the traditional Kung Fu that was taught to me, I help people get in shape and I write…

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Thanks Lee!