Hey Adelaideians! Is that what you call the good folk of Adelaide? I’m bringing my Write the Fight Right workshop to Adelaide in May, so if you’re in that area, check out the details here.

This workshop started as a thing I did at a couple of SF cons, then it grew into something bigger, and even caused me to write a short ebook on the subject. What’s that subject? It’s all about how to write exciting, convincing and realistic fight scenes in your fiction. As a career martial artist and a writer, I’ve got a fairly unique perspective on this stuff and I hopefully manage to share some of that in my workshops.

The workshop is from 10am til 4pm on Sunday May 12th at the SA Writers’ Centre, 2nd Floor, 187 Rundle Street, Adelaide. It’s $150.00 for non-members or $90 for members. Please let anyone know who lives near Adelaide and might be interested.