Write The Fight RightThe public demanded it, so I’ve delivered. Well, quite a few people, after attending one of my Write The Fight Right workshops, asked if there was any further resource they could get on the subject. Short of suggesting martial arts classes, I had no advice. After I did the workshop at Worldcon, several people were chatting to me afterwards and the suggestion was made that I write the workshop content up into an ebook and sell it. I thought that was a great idea, so here it is. A short, approximately 12,000 word, ebook discussing all the things involved in fighting to help authors write more realistic and convincing fight scenes in their fiction.

I wouldn’t presume to tell anyone how to write – I don’t think I’m really qualified for that. But after nearly 30 years as a martial artist and working as a martial arts instructor for a lot of that time, not to mention a lot of fights in and out of tournaments, I do know a lot about fighting. So I know what’s real and what’s not, I know what it feels like, and hopefully this book will convey some of that stuff so fiction writers can factor it into their books and stories.

It really bugs me when an otherwise excellent read is marred by a daft fight scene, with the writer clearly having no idea what a fight is really like. Of course, I’m biased, because I do know. But even people who have no more experience of fighting than the author are often bored by fight scenes. Equally, even though they may not be able to put their finger on why, they recognise a visceral, authentic fight scene when they read one. I developed a bit of a reputation for writing good fights, which is what originally led to me being asked to do a workshop at Conflux a while back. I’ve since done the workshop elsewhere, including Worldcon last year – which was a real honour – and I’ll be doing it again at Swancon at the end of this month. Hopefully now people can buy this book to back up the stuff they learn at a workshop, or buy the book and learn all the stuff I cover in the workshop if they can’t make one. Of course, the workshop gives people a much more hands-on experience and allows them to ask questions and so on, but I’m hoping this book is a valuable resource for writers nonetheless.

It won’t teach you how to write and it won’t teach you how to fight, but it will hopefully give you lots of information to help you write better fight scenes. The book is available on Amazon Kindle and in a variety of formats at Smashwords (including a PDF for general reference) for US$1.99. That’s less than a cup of coffee. If you like the book, please do rate and review it and, most importantly, tell all your friends and help me spread the word. Learn more here.