Look at that lovely cover. That’s the latest Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror (2011) from Ticonderoga Publications. It’s a lovely book with 32 awesome stories in it. Sadly, none of mine made the book this year. My story The King’s Accord was reprinted in last year’s Year’s Best, which I’m still very chuffed about. But I have just discovered that no less than five of my stories published in 2011 made the Recommended Reading List in this latest edition. Five of ’em! Fuck me, can’t complain about that.

So, as they’re recommended reading, I thought I’d help people find them, in order to read them. As recommended. They were published in a variety of anthologies, a podcast (now in print too) and one in a magazine, but you can still find them all easily enough. So here they are:

Dream Shadow – This is an urban horror story, first published in the Winds Of Change anthology from CSfG Publications. You can get a copy of that book here (use the Contact Us page to order a copy).

The Seven Garages Of Kevin Simpson – This was a podcast original, on Pseudopod, episode 242. You can still listen to it there for free. It was also just reprinted in Dark Places 2, the e-anthology from Gryphonwood Press, and you can get that for just 99c right here.

Duty And Sacrifice – This is a fantasy story I wrote for the Hope anthology, published by Kayelle Press. This is a really important book, with lots of great stories and information about suicide and suicide awareness. All profits of the book go to relevant charities. I wrote a big post all about that stuff here. You can get this great anthology here.

Mirrorwalk – This is a dark urban fantasy/horror story that was originally published in issue 16 of Murky Depths magazine. You can still get a copy of that from here.

Punishment of the Sun – This is a vampire horror story, written for the Australian vampire anthology Dead Red Heart, from Ticongeroga Publications. This story also made the recommended reading list in Ellen Datlow’s Year’s Best Horror 4. Dead Red Heart is a great big book of vampire yarns, with some real crackers among them. You can get your copy of that book here.

Of course, all these great books and magazines are also available from Amazon, B&N, etc. or you can order them through your local bookstore or library. So hopefully that will help you find some stuff that editors extraordinaire Talie Helene and Liz Grzyb recommend. And you know what else is recommended reading? The whole Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror 2011. Go get it here. Seriously.