It’s always good to remind people (and by people, I mostly mean me) of the successes in any given year. It’s important to take stock. I often feel like I’m not working hard enough and, while it’s true I could always work harder, I don’t tend to slack off much, and posting stuff like this helps to keep the doubting brain weasels away. It’s also a good reminder for people looking to nominate work for awards or reading lists to know what came out in any given year. So with that in mind, here’s my 2022 publication record.

THE FALL: Tales From The Gulp 2 – Eligible in Collection

All five stories in The Fall are original too, so they each qualify as Long Fiction (or Novella):

“Gulpepper Curios” (19,340 words)
“Cathedral Stack” (13,160 words)
“That Damn Woman” (18,230 words)
“Excursion Troop” (16,500 words)
“The Fall” (19,850 words)

SALLOW BEND – Eligible in Novel

DAMNATION GAMES – Eligible in Anthology, edited by me. This one should be out around October.

As for short fiction for 2022, that should end up looking like this:

“Counting Tunnels To Berry” – The Hideous Book of Hidden Horrors anthology, ed. Doug Murano (Bad Hand Books, June 2022) – this one is out now.

And then these three should all be out in October:

“The Fiends of Turner’s Creek” – SNAFU: Dead or Alive, ed. A J Spedding (Cohesion Press)

“The Question” – Damnation Games, ed. Alan Baxter (Clan Destine Press)

“The Novak Roadhouse Massacre” – Found, ed. Andrew Cull and Gabino Iglesias

Now that’s not too bad for a year. I’ve also got a new novel out on submission (wish me luck, please!) and I’m about 20,000 words into the next novel.

That’ll do, Pig. That’ll do.