Here’s just the thing you need. Yet another social networking site. I know, I know – it’s all about quality not quantity. I have to say that most of the social network sites that I belong to are largely neglected, but it is good to have a small presence at these places at least.

On a personal level I keep a pretty regular maintenance of a couple of sites – the others I check in on once in a while or respond when I get notified of something. How much time I spend at Wonderlands will depend on how it works out as a site. Right now it’s pretty new and, at the time of writing, has less than 500 members.


Wonderlands bills itself as a site “Where authors, artists, readers and fans of the Fantasy genre can meet and mingle!” It’s using the ning software which is basically (as far as I understand) a template software for social network sites. This is good and bad – it’s good because it’s fairly simple to interface, bad because it doesn’t allow for all that much individuality. These sites risk becoming like reality television – whether people are dancing, singing or losing weight, every episode is fundamentally the same television program, just with contestants of varying size and talent.

But I’ll give this site a go for a little while and see what happens – you can find my Wonderlands profile here.

While we’re on the subject, here are all the other social network sites I loiter about on, with varying degrees of regularity: Book appreciation/library type site Like Goodreads, only with a cap that you pay for that they never used to have Indie publishing community hub I’m still not entirely sure what this one is all about. I’ve never really used it much… Everyone knows MySpace. Mostly used by bands, teenage girls and online whores nowadays. Sometimes all three in the one profile. The next big thing apparently. Microblogging for everyone. Here’s an interesting article in The Age about it all. It’s funny that they make reference to Stephen Fry as the unnofficial spokesman of Twitter – I have to agree. And he’s good at it. In a recent blog post, Neil Gaiman referred to Fry as “the God Emperor of Twitter”. Brilliant.

Feel free to hit me with a friend request or follow on any of the sites above. I do have a Facebook page as well, but I keep that for people I actually know and family, rather than just an open free for all.

And then there’s all the blogs I follow and the various forums that I chat on. It’s a wonder I get anything else done.

Ah, online social networking – the modern alternative to life.