February is Women in Horror Month. There are women out there writing some amazing horror and I love it that WiHM exists to highlight them. I plan to only read women in February (mostly horror, but maybe not exclusively) and I wanted to help with the highlights by listing below some of the awesome women horror writers out there. Some of those listed will also be people who are maybe horror-adjacent, but certainly writers of dark fiction. Now, I know I’ve missed a bunch of wonderful people (including my friends, I’m sure!) and I apologise. Mea culpa! This list kinda got out of hand. So many amazing women out there. But, if you’re a woman in horror but not on the list, drop a comment and introduce yourself there!

So, no further ado – find yourselves a bunch of this stuff and get into it. At the start are a couple of groups to follow, then all the people. The list is in alphabetical order (by first name), but just to shake things up, it’s reverse alphabetical order. Give all those Zs a highlight over the As for a change!

Ladies of Horror Fiction @LOHFiction
Ladies of the Fright Podcast @LOTFpod


A J Spedding https://twitter.com/AJSpedding
Alma Katsu https://twitter.com/almakatsu
Angela Maher https://angelajmaher.com/
Angela Slatter https://twitter.com/AngelaSlatter
Bernie Rutkay https://www.linkedin.com/in/bernie-rutkay-85996040
Caroline Angel https://carolineangel.com/
Cassandra Khaw https://twitter.com/casskhaw
Cat Sparks https://twitter.com/catsparx
Christina Henry https://twitter.com/C_Henry_Author
Christine Morgan https://twitter.com/CMorganAuthor
Claire Fitzpatrick https://www.clairefitzpatrick.net
Cynthia Pelayo https://twitter.com/cinapelayo
Doungjai Gam https://twitter.com/djai76
Ellen Datlow https://twitter.com/EllenDatlow
Gabrielle Faust https://twitter.com/Gabrielle_Faust
Gemma Amor https://twitter.com/manylittlewords
Gemma Files https://twitter.com/gemmafiles
J H Moncrieff https://twitter.com/JH_Moncrieff
Joanne Anderton http://joanneanderton.com/wordpress/
Kaaron Warren https://twitter.com/KaaronWarren
Karen Runge https://twitter.com/RungeKaren
Kathe Koja https://twitter.com/KatheKoja
Kathleen Jennings https://twitter.com/tanaudel
Kathryn Hore http://www.letmedigress.com
Keri Arthur https://twitter.com/kezarthur
Kirsten Cross https://twitter.com/KesCross
Kirstyn McDermott https://twitter.com/fearofemeralds
L Zedda-Sampson https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/16201109.L_Zedda_Sampson
Laurel Hightower https://twitter.com/HightowerLaurel
Lauren Beukes https://twitter.com/laurenbeukes
Lee Murray https://twitter.com/leemurraywriter
Linda D Addison https://twitter.com/nytebird45
Lisa L Hannett https://twitter.com/LisaLHannett
Lisa Morton https://twitter.com/cinriter
Livia Llewellyn https://twitter.com/TheNuminous1
Lucy Snyder https://twitter.com/LucyASnyder
Margo Lanagan https://twitter.com/margolanagan
Maria Lewis https://twitter.com/moviemazz
Marlee Jane Ward https://twitter.com/marleejaneward
Mary SanGiovanni https://twitter.com/marysangiovanni
Meghan Arcuri https://twitter.com/MeghanArcuri
Nadia Bulkin https://twitter.com/nadiabulkin
Nancy Holder https://twitter.com/nancyholder
Olivia White https://twitter.com/NoSleepOlivia
Rebecca Fraser https://writingandmoonlighting.com/
S D Perry https://twitter.com/sdp668
S P Miskowski https://twitter.com/SPMiskowski
Sara Tantlinger https://twitter.com/SaraTantlinger
Sarah Read https://twitter.com/Inkwellmonster
Shauna O’Meara https://twitter.com/OMearaShauna
Silvia CantĂłn Rondoni https://poetsilviacr.wixsite.com/poetsilviacr?fbclid=IwAR127tiTGL3l1C5-Azg_WjIAgScDiqC_vBWjGFSBltHsQYnwehAjUbhRfjs
Stephanie M Wytovich https://twitter.com/Swytovich
Tananarive Due https://twitter.com/TananariveDue
Theresa Braun https://twitter.com/tbraun_author