You may remember I mentioned a while back that I’d been asked to be a guest editor at Wily Writers. I was honoured to take on the challenge. Wily Writers is a fantastic online fiction podcast – they publish two stories a month, in text on the site and as very well read podcasts. Two of my own stories, Stand Off and Declan’s Plan, have been featured there in the past.

When I was asked to guest edit one month for them, I scored the Post-Apocalypse themed month. The entries were all very strong and I had a hell of time picking just two. I’ll post something in a few days about the actual process of editing and selection related to that. In the meantime, both the stories I chose are now online.

Bloodstone by R B Payne is a light-hearted look at post-apocalyptia, with a very Hunter S Thomson-esque protagonist.

Coyote Blessing by Owen Kerr is a much darker and more personal look at life after the end.

Both stories create a great sense of place and character, but both are very different and deal with their subject in very powerful ways.

Get yourself over there and check them out now.