Hello, and welcome to my blog. As you can see from the sidebar to the right, I’m passionate about words, images and Kung Fu. A strange combination? Not really. Everything seems strange to somebody and I know there are far stranger people out there than me. This is where I’ll put my words and images, which you may or may not enjoy.

The primary purpose of this blog is to promote my writing, particularly my debut novel RealmShift which is available now. You can follow the link on the right to an online store where you can learn all about the book and find out how to buy it. The first chapter will be available there soon as a download – try before you buy, I’m sure you’ll love it.

I’ll post regular updates to this blog with tales of my journey through the world of Print On Demand publishing, which will hopefully lead on to big deals with ‘traditional’ publishers and fame and fortune as a world renowned novellist. Dreams are wonderful things.

I’ll also post various other bits and pieces that take my fancy and I’ll soon be linking to some galleries of my photography. I’m no professional when it comes to photographs, but I love the captured image. I get a good shot every once in a while.

You can also link to the website for my ‘day job’ (for wont of a better description). I’m a Personal Trainer and I study and teach Shaolin Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu. Follow the link to learn more about that.

And let’s not forget my beautiful and talented wife. She’s a brilliant painter, really starting to make waves in Sydney, Melbourne and beyond. There’s a link to her site too.

So bookmark this page and pop in every now and then to see what I have to say.