I am so often entertained by the search results that apparently lead people to my website here. I’m a bit of a nerd for stats and searches and things like that, so it’s always a bit of fun for me to check. The top search results leading people here over the last week are:

dirty dancing

Some of those are no surprise, others a little less obvious at first glance. It’s a bit like the things that might be called out during improv night at a comedy club. Then again, over the last three or four years this website has had many and varied topics and all of those searches will result in hits here.

Other high points for me in recent searches include:

looking for wife
other names for lesbian
halinkas fairies (my wife might have to answer about that one)
muslim black magic
another word for portal
“the embuggerance” (calling Mr Pratchett)

and my favourite of recent weeks:

donkey laugh acronym

Do donkeys laugh? If so, what’s the acronym for it? Someone, please help!