Nominations for the Ditmar Awards officially close at midnight next Wednesday (Canberra time). If you haven’t nominated work you enjoyed last year, please find a few minutes to do so. The more people involved, the better and more accurate our awards are as an indicator of the good stuff out there.

Everything you need to know about nominating is here:

If you’ve enjoyed anything I had published last year, I would love your nomination. Or if you’d like to check out my stuff and consider a nomination, quite a bit is free to read online. Here are my eligible works this year:

Best Novella or Novelette
(Novella or Novelette: A Novella or Novelette is any work of sf/f/h of 7,500 to 40,000 words.)

The Darkest Shade of Grey“, by Alan Baxter, published by The Red Penny Papers.

You can read this entire novelette online for free at The Red Penny Papers. It’s about 18,000 words, so more like a very long short story than a novella. I’m really proud of this piece and it has particular personal resonance for me for other reasons, so I would really like to see it get a bit of attention on the ballot.

Then there are my eligible short fiction works. Some of these are available to read online too, so if the title is a link, click it to read it.

Best Short Story
(Short Story: A Short Story is any work of sf/f/h less than 7,500 words.)

“Burning, Always Burning”, Alan Baxter and Felicity Dowker, in Damnation and Dames, Ticonderoga Publications.

“Cephalopoda Obsessia”, Alan Baxter, in Bloodstones, Ticonderoga Publications.

Crossroads and Carousels“, Alan Baxter, in The Red Penny Papers, Fall 2012.

“Fear is the Sin”, Alan Baxter, in From Stage Door Shadows, eMergent Publishing.

“In the Name of the Father”, Alan Baxter, in The One That Got Away, Dark Prints Press.

Salvage in the Void“, Alan Baxter, in Kasma SF Magazine.

“The Everywhere And The Always”, Alan Baxter, in Mythic Resonance, The Specusphere and Esstee Media.

The Goodbye Message“, Alan Baxter, in ticon4, April 2, 2012.

Tiny Lives“, Alan Baxter, in Daily Science Fiction, December 25th, 2012.

And whether you nominate my stuff or not, if you’re eligible to nominate, please do. Even if you only nominate one or two books or stories that you enjoyed in 2012, it’s worth it.