This is something that has me seriously concerned. Alan Moore’s awesome graphic novel Watchmen is still one of the most influential graphic novels ever written. It set the stage for what can be achieved by the collaboration of great writers and artists. It proved that comic books didn’t have to be Wham! Holy catsuits, Batman! and Archie. It’s the only graphic novel to ever be included in a Time list of 100 best English-language novels (2005). The powers that be there have since changed the rules so that a graphic novel can’t be selected again. Elistist bastards.

Anyway, it’s a bloody good book basically. Now they’re making it into a movie. This is a project that has tried to get off the ground numerous times, but keeps falling over. Alan Moore has distanced himself from the project, as he does with all movies made of his work. However, it’s now up and running.

Directed by Zack Snyder (of Dawn of the Dead and 300 fame) it’s finally crossed the line and is scheduled for a 2009 release. The scope of the story is massive and I really think it will struggle as a movie. I wonder how much will be chopped and how much the story will suffer from the transition to celluloid. However, as the eternal cycnical optimist that I am, I’ll expect it to be terrible while harbouring some deep seated hope that it’ll rock.

For those of you interested, here are a bunch of posters for the movie from the latest Comic-Con, showing the main players. The look of the whole thing is certainly pretty faithful to the book.

Here’s the homepage to the official Warner Bros site with loads of info.

And on the subject of comic books being made into movies, here’s some more on the recent Batman movie, The Dark Knight. In this article, John Scalzi discusses whether or not The Dark Knight really is an Oscar worthy film. It would certainly do wonders for the whole spec fic genre if the film did pull in one or two small golden humanoids. Fingers crossed.