As a Jedi Knight I feel obliged to pass this news on. Hey, doesn’t everyone wish they were a Jedi Knight really? Even the most non-geeky people, that really aren’t that big a fan of science fiction, can’t help but be impressed by Jedis. Star Wars is something that has transcended popular culture for thirty years. Even its creator, George Lucas, can’t kill it. And he’s tried. Those godawful piles of steaming celluloid that are supposed to constitute the first three episodes of the story? Best to forget those ever happened.

Regardless, Star Wars is something that has affected pretty much everybody in one way or another. I can’t imagine that there are many people left that haven’t seen it. And everywhere, geeks celebrate it in ever geekier ways. Some of the worst atrocities committed by humans on the costumed event have been inspired by Star Wars. The Convention circuit is a constant battle between the Star Wars fans and the Star Trek fans to determine just who is the geekiest. Of course, like the Jedi versus the Sith, that’s a battle that will likely never end.

Let’s console ourselves with celebrating Universal Day of the Jedi. What is it? According to the site:

After over 30 years of being part of and witnessing the rise and fall of Sith Lords and Jedi Knights, it is time for Star Wars fans to rise to the occasion; and celebrate May 25 as the Universal Day of the Jedi – a celebration of Star Wars by fans for fans.

The first Universal Day of the Jedi was celebrated on May 25, 2007, to coincide with the 30th anniversary of when George Lucas released Star Wars in 1977. The choice of this date made sense for fans across the world to celebrate the saga Lucas had delivered.

If nothing else, for all those that wrote down Jedi as their religion on the latest Census, this is an official holiday for you. Sadly, May 25th this year falls on a Sunday, but, like all quality public holidays, carry it over to the Monday.

You see, you thought I was just being a geek when I’ve actually helped you get a day off work for free.

You’re welcome.