A friend of mine showed me this over the weekend.


It looks, at first glance, just like a regular NSW parking ticket. These were on a bunch of cars near where my friend parked apparently. On closer inspection, after the outrage has subsided, the victim realises that it’s actually a glossy flyer for a new Sydney nightclub cunningly disguised as a parking ticket. Pretty good way to make sure it’s read, at least briefly.

Other than the irritation of more wasted paper and unsolicited advertising, it could be passed off as irrelevant and thrown away. However, something about it caught my friend’s eye. Have a closer look at the information supplied:


That’s right, you’re invited to Sydney’s Sexist Friday Night Out. Oh, what a difference an ‘e’ can make. Especially at a nightclub.

You’d think that after going to all this effort and potentially getting busted for reproducing a NSW penalty notice, the least they could do was proofread the thing. Or perhaps they did and this is not a typo, just a refreshingly honest advertisement. But I doubt it.