Tuesday Toot is a semi-regular feature here at The Word. An invite-only series of short posts where writers, editors, booksellers and other creatives have been asked to share their stuff and toot their own horn. It’s hard to be seen in the digital morass and hopefully this occasional segment will help some of the quality stuff out there get noticed. It should all be things that readers of The Word will find edifying.

Today, it’s Mary Victoria.

Who is Mary?

Mary Victoria was born in 1973 in Turners Falls, Massachusetts. Despite this she managed to live most of her life in other places, including Cyprus, Canada, Sierra Leone, France and the UK. She studied art and film and worked as an animator before turning to full time writing. She now lives in Wellington, New Zealand with her husband and daughter. She’s the author of Tymon’s Flight, Samiha’s Song and other books.

RiverWhat are you tooting about?

Have you ever become so deeply fascinated with the setting of a book that it lingers on, invading your mind long after reading is done? We all know good world building is essential to any story. But occasionally an author takes that art one step further, creating an environment that enthralls, breathes, lives.

Alma Alexander has collected together an anthology of stories evoking one such magical place. It is a river – the River. Whether young or old, a bubbling spring or a wide brown snake, it winds through all our tales, magical and eternal. For there really is only one River, vast and full of life and death and mystery and history and adventure and quiet dreams.

In order to celebrate the release of this anthology, several wonderful speculative fiction authors have come together share their thoughts on the subject of Place as Person. Come and join us!

Who: Alma Alexander, Joshua Palmatier (aka Benjamin Tate,) Irene Radford, Tiffany Trent, Angela Slatter, Gillian Polack, Helen Lowe, Tim Jones, Kaaron Warren, Jacey Bedford, Joyce Reynolds-Ward, Allyson Bird, Kim Falconer, Lisa Hannett, Sue Bursztynski, Philippa Ballantine, Alan Baxter and more!

Where: http://maryvictoria.net/?page_id=462

Buy River.

…And may the rivers you cross always know your name.