I had a very pleasant surprise this morning. Jonathan Crossfield contacted me on Twitter to let me know about a post on his blog listing the top 50 Australian blogs on writing. I thought that sounded like a pretty useful resource. Imagine my surprise to discover that this little corner of the interwebs that I call my own came in at number 9.

As Jonathan says, “Many people have recommended blogs to me for inclusion on the list over the last two weeks and not all of them were included. Sometimes, they weren’t sufficiently about the act of writing. Even though the blog owner may be a writer, if the topics of the blog did not cover advice and observations on life as a writer, it wasn’t included. A blog by a writer that only discusses their daily non-writerly activities could not be considered a blog about writing. Sometimes the blogs hadn’t been updated for months and therefore could be considered to be inactive. Some blogs discussed books and reading but not writing and therefore did not fit the mould.”

So, not only do we now have a list of 50 really interesting and useful blogs (some of which I already follow and some of which are a very nice find), The Word is also included among them. And it’s not just based on peoples’ opinions. Jonathan has ranked the list of blogs using things like the Technorati ranking, the Page Rank and so on. So I guess I must be doing something right. And I would also like to throw a shout out to my good friend James Frost, in chilly Scotland, for his help with website support and SEO. I couldn’t do all this technomological malarkey on my own.

Check out the post at Jonathan’s blog and have a look at a few of these sites. There’s some that are really worth your while.