I seem to be on elastic between 11 and 9. What am I on about? The Copywrite Top 50 Australian Blogs for Writers list has been updated again. The first time it came out I was in at number 9, the next one I’d dropped to 11, third time around I was back up to 9. Now it’s been updated once more and I’ve returned to position 11 on the list. The weird thing is that the blogs in all the places around me change all over the place. Maybe I’ll just try to claim positions 9, 10 and 11 as permanent territory and declare it a nation state.

Anyway, it’s an honour and very satisfying to see that my blog is still up there. It’s also very exciting to see my friend Joanna Penn of The Creative Penn climbing ever higher. She’s at number 4 this time. And also, fellow AHWA member Benjamin Solah has climbed an impressive 12 places up to number 13.

Other cool people in the list (either top 50 or runners up) include Merrilee Faber, Brenton Tomlinson, Gillian Polack, Trudi Canavan, Margo Lanagan, Lee Battersby and many more. It’s great to see so many genre fiction writers having an impact on the net this way.

Congratulations to all!