TOTGAI am really excited to be announcing this one. I’ve got a story forthcoming in the crime/mystery anthology, The One That Got Away, from Dark Prints Press, edited by Craig Bezant. I’m excited for several reasons. Of course, it’s always fantastic to sell a story, especially to a publisher like Dark Prints. It’s also a great concept:

Too often our crime-solving heroes do just that – solve crimes. But what about the ones who get away – the grifters who con and don’t get caught, the criminals who play cat-and-mouse games with the law only to disappear into the unknown? What goes through their minds, or the minds of their victims and pursuers? What legends do they leave behind, both inspirational and terrifying?

Pretty cool, huh? But I’m mostly excited by the other fantastic authors I’ll be sharing this anthology with:

(Note: The following contributor list does not represent the final content order in the anthology.)

Lawrence Block – ‘Catch and Release’
Chris Simms – ‘Gaffed’
Will Elliot – ‘Hungry Man’
Deborah Sheldon – ‘Garland Cove’
Zane Lovitt – ‘Kahraman’
Cameron Ashley – ‘Whole Lotta Julio’
Vanessa Skye – ‘The Piece’
Brooke Maggs – ‘My Wife and I’
Alan Baxter – ‘In the Name of the Father’
Brian G Ross – ‘A Rhyme for the Crime’
Kathryn Hore – ‘Late Night Train’
Andrew Nette – ‘Two Blind Cats’

Yeah, that’s right. Have another look. Check out those names. The book is due out in early 2012 and pre-orders can be made at the website from September 1st. It will be available in print and ebook simultaneously. All the details can be found here.

Excuse me while I Snoopy dance.