Reading Neil Gaiman’s online journal recently I followed the link to an article that Neil said he had enjoyed immensely. It was written in the New Yorker by the novellist Michael Chabon. I’ve read one Chabon novel, The Yiddish Policemen’s Union, and it’s a book I can’t recommend highly enough. So I took Neil’s advice and read the article.

In it Chabon discusses the reality behind the costume of the superhero and the fact that the costumes are as impossible as the superheroes themselves. It’s a brilliant article and will be of great entertainment to comic book fans and non-fans alike. Take a quick look at these examples of regular humans (but please, don’t look too long) and then go and have a read of the article yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

badbatman.jpg badspiderman.jpg badsuperman.jpg
You can find Michael Chabon’s excellent New Yorker article here.