Every now and then I go past a big shop window with huge, brightly painted letters saying:


Or something similar. I know it’s my pedantism, but it always occurs to me that sentences like this are ambiguous. Is it the sale or the rugs that are massive? It could be a relatively small sale of just three or four massive rugs that wouldn’t actually fit in anyone’s home. Or, more likely, they have a huge variety or normal rugs, all featured in a massive sale.

However, every once in a while my twisted mind gets twisted a little bit more. Take this example:

I took this photo last week. It’s a place just on the edge of the English village where I’ve been staying for the last couple of months. So, it’s obviously a huge showroom, massive in fact, with a variety of normal cane furniture on display. Well, maybe not. A little further along the road and we are presented with this:

Look at the size of that chair! It’s bigger than a BMW. So now I’m confused. Is it the showroom or the furniture that’s massive? They’re just playing with my mind.