I’ve had a few people comment that they don’t like the way that A ‘Verse Full of Scum is posted each week as a seperate pdf file. Some people have complained that pdf is a clumsy format to use, others have complained that each chapter as an individual file requires too much back and forth. Seriously, how lazy is that?

However, the desires of you, dear reader, are of the utmost importance to me. I understand that the format of something can greatly affect whether people bother to read it or not. So, with that in mind I’ve completely revamped the Serial Novella page.

Now the story is contained on web pages here on The Word, rather than attached pdfs. Each page, or volume, will contain five episodes and all the required links to progress through the story will be very clear. Each Monday when a new episode is published, it will be added to the current volume and a note will be put here on the blog to let you know that it’s up. Anyone with email subscription or anyone that has added this site to their feed reader will then know that a new episode is posted to be read.

So, I hope that appeases anyone that found the story difficult to read. In many ways I prefer this new format myself and it’s actually easier for me this way too. Everybody’s happy. Right?

Keep your emails coming, or comment on any of these posts if you have anything to say about the story or any other suggestions. Remember, you can also leave a review of the story on the Pages Unbound site if you feel so inclined.