This is something I wrote mainly for myself, as a kind of credo to keep me sane. Then I thought that maybe others would like it, so I made it into an image and shared it through my social media accounts. Now I’m putting it here for safe-keeping. The original “commandments” are below, or you can click on the image for a bigger version of that. Feel free to share this post if it moves you, or you’ll find the image on my Twitter and Facebook pages too.

Ten Commandments for Writers

Thou shalt not covet or decry the success of others.

Thou shalt support and boost other writers as they are allies, not enemies or competition.

Thou shalt always remember that rejection is the default.

Thou shalt always strive to improve thy craft.

Thou shalt not be a precious buttercup about editorial advice.

Thou shalt not deny the role of luck in all publishing.

Thou shalt never respond to reviews.

Thou shalt not spam all thy channels (or other people’s) with BUY MY BOOK! posts.

Thou shalt always remember that no writer ever pleases everyone.

Thou shalt do the fucking work.