With reference to the previous post here on The Word, Debbie in England sent me this yesterday. You have to respect the plain honesty for saying just what they mean:

Turd Busters

If it’s a bit hard to read, let me clarify:

Your number 2 business
Is our number 1 business

Starting with an attempted catchphrase there, bit of comedy.

You make UM
We break UM

Not quite sure why it’s a capital UM, but we get the idea. Next comes my favourite bit:

Who U gonna call

That old Ghost Busters line is never going to get tired, is it? It’s the sort of thing you can just use again and again. Especially when you add extra letters to make sure people really get into it.

Sewage Engineer. Consultant.

Consultant? “Yes, madam, that’s definitely a turd.”

Always in the shit
Only the depth varies.

He’s just an honest working bloke. I’ve got a lot of respect for this guy. In no way does he try to sell his services by polishing a turd. Quite the opposite really.