Details are still to be confirmed but I’ll be attending the Sydney Futurians Freecon 2008 on November 8th and 9th at The Norman Selfe Room of the Sydney Mechanics School of the Arts (SMSA) building at 280 Pitt Street, Sydney. I’ll be taking part in some writer discussion panels and the like. If you’re interested to meet me or hear about the new book, or if you’re interested to listen to writers rattling on about their craft in general, then come along. Aside from writers, there’s all sorts of other things going on.

According to the Futurians themselves:

FREECON 2008 is for those who enjoy Reading, Watching, Writing and even drawing all things Science Fiction. Freecon is proudly presented by Sydney Futurians. Featured are: SF&F writers; Science Fictional Science; Panels; Presentations; Discussions; Paradox Auction; Short-Story Competition and Guest Speakers.

Sounds like a lot of fun. You can find out more about it and see a loose prospective agenda at the Freecon 2008 website here.