I’m back from Supanova in Perth and what a fantastic time was had by all, just like in Sydney the week before. So many great people to hang out with, awesome authors, wonderful fans, and the cosplay! Man, those folks are incredible. Check my Instagram for a bunch of pics of all that stuff. Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with the official Supanova photos of the guests – click the photos for a bigger version. Firstly, here’s an author group shot:

From left to right are Cat Sparks, Brandon Sanderson, James Dashner, me, and Lynette Noni. Missing from the shot are Juliet Marillier, who had to leave early, and Maria Lewis, who was a Sydyey-only guest this time around. And every one of those people, pictured or not, is an absolute legend. Authors are great. Of course, I’m slightly biased in that assessment.

And below are two official Supanova group shots. One with everyone smiling all professional-like, and then one where the photographer, Roy said, “Now a silly one!” My huge thanks to the incredible Supanova crew for a fantastic con, especially to Ineke, Skye and Paige – superheroes without capes all three. Also huge thanks to Jeremy, Hayley and the QBD Bookshop crew, who worked their arses off all weekend. And massive thanks to all the wonderful people who came by to say hi, get books signed, and buy books. I sold out of books at both cons and that just blows my mind. I’m a lucky author.