I’m normally all flippant about… well, everything really. However, I read something in the paper this morning that struck me as being one of those absolutely simple, yet utterly relevant quotes.

Words can be very powerful things – it says so in the sidebar to the right and that guy should know. The person in question was speaking in relation to Australia’s Prime Minister John Howard visiting China next week. Christians are supporting an appeal from Falun Gong members for Howard to raise the issue of China’s human rights abuses, especially alleged human organ harvesting, during his visit. Obviously it’s a sticky topic and Howard is a real creep for ignoring the things he thinks might be too “political” to discuss. On the subject, Francis Milne, a former chairwoman of NSW Uniting Care, said something that resounds for Australia, but should be considered by every first world nation and citizen, replacing Australia with their own country.

“Our greatest fear is that Australia’s trade interests will overwhelm its compassion.”