I’m excited to be going to the US for the first time ever in a couple of weeks. I’m especially excited because I’m going there to attend Stokercon, the official horror convention of the Horror Writers Association. There are some amazing guests of honor and a whole selection of cool things going on. I’m looking forward to meeting lots of people I’ve only ever interacted with online before, and hopefully making a bunch of new friends. I’m also doing a reading and a few panels while I’m there. Here’s my full schedule:

PANEL – Knock Out Fight Scenes – Friday – 12:00 PM

This how-to panel will dissect the elements of a kick-ass fight scene, with insights and suggestions from real-life experts to have you writing visceral, realistic action. Covering all manner of weapons from ball-points to ballistics, and arming you with blow-by-blow writing techniques, this panel will give your hero all they need to know to take on a soldier, a section, or a supernatural being.

Panelists: Alan Baxter, J.H. Moncrieff, James Moore, Lee Murray (Mod.), Teel James Glenn, Tim Waggoner

PANEL – Beyond the Borders: Writing and Reading Outside the USA – Friday – 3:00 PM, State Suite B

Join our panelists as they discuss the challenges, pitfalls and opportunities of writing outside in the U.K., Canada, and the far-flung edges of the planet, namely New Zealand and Australia, and learn how the experience of an outside perspective can help writers in the U.S. broaden their own horizons.

Panelists: Alan Baxter, Chris Marrs, Dan Rabarts (Mod.), Lee Murray, Ramsey Campbell

READING – Friday, March 2, at 4 p.m. in L’Apogee on the Seventeenth Floor of the Biltmore.
I’ll be reading from my new novel, HIDDEN CITY, with S Kay Nash and Paul Tremblay. Afterward, we’ll be at an autographing table in the Dealers Room.

PANEL: How to Choose Good Markets, Saturday 2:00 PM

Horror authors face a broad spectrum of publishing possibilities from fanzines to pro-markets. Choosing the right market involves many considerations: payment, reputation of the publisher, contract terms, distribution and promotion, editorial expectations, and more. The panelists will discuss what authors should weigh when submitting their work or accepting a publication offer, with insight into researching publishers, finding the right market for your work, and why you should avoid “for the love” markets.

Panelists: Alan Baxter (Mod.), Brian Kirk, Erik T. Johnson, Jeff Strand, Jennifer Brozek, Meghan Arcuri-Moran

All such cool stuff, I really can’t wait. Outside of the things listed above, I’ll be trying to get to as many panels as possible to see what I can learn, and I’ll otherwise be in the bar. I’m at the Biltmore from Thursday through to Monday morning, so please come and say hi. I’m terrible at recognizing people from profile photos, so if we know each other but have yet to connect in the meatspace, please introduce yourself. Now, I’d better start getting organized!