It’s no mystery to anyone that reads this blog that I’m a big fan of movies. A lot of you may also be aware that my writing style is often called cinematic or that people talk about how my books would make great films. This pleases me no end – I would love to see my novels turned into movies (as I was gushing about in my recent Inception review). One review of RealmShift (I think it’s on Amazon) described my books as graphic novels without the pictures. Which would be novels, which they are, but I know what they meant. Anyway, basically it seems to be something of a consensus that my writing style is very visual.

So you can imagine how interested I became when I was contacted recently by a fellow named Phill Teare. Phill is a film student at Sydney uni and for his current project he needs to work on an adaptation. He’s asked me if he could use my short story, Stand Off, for this purpose. I was more than happy to agree and yesterday we met and I signed off on an option for him to make a short (around 3 minute) film based on the abridged version of Stand Off as it appears on the Infinitas website.

I’m very excited about this and I’m really looking forward to seeing something I’ve written turned into film. Once the project is complete Phill intends to run the finished piece around the short film circuit, so I’ll post regular updates here whenever I hear anything from him and let you know where you can go to see it. You’ll not only get to enjoy the film, but you’ll be supporting Australian independent film-making, Phill’s career and, possibly, my own.

Watch this space.