A friend of mine (and quality writer) has put together an anthology of short fiction called Speculative Realms. It’s a collection of short stories from authors all over the world, all following the theme: Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

The stories were all chosen through a fairly rigourous selection procedure, so this book should contain some pretty good new fiction. And I’m not involved, so it’s not shameless self-promotion going on here either. (They didn’t accept my submission!)

There’s going to be an online book launch running a full 24 hours on September 1st and there’s a promotional video on YouTube that you can have a look at to learn more about the book. If it strikes you as interesting then give it a go and help to support independent publishing and emerging writers.

The official website of the book is here where you can learn a bit about it and get a taste of all the stories contained.

EDIT – I’ll try embedding the video here, as I’ve never done that before. Let’s see: