I love getting books in the post. I particularly love getting beautiful books in the post. Look what arrived today:

This is what it looks like under the dust jacket:

Oh yes, that is one fucking beautiful book. It’s also from a print run limited to 300 copies. And it’s a collection of short stories by the incredibly talented and generally wonderful Angela Slatter. It’s basically a giant wad of awesome, dripping in awesome sauce. I can’t wait to read it. I’ll also be schlepping it down to Worldcon to make sure I get it signed by Angela, just to add that cherry of awesome on top.

I have to give full marks to Tartarus Press, that published this lovely tome. It’s great to see that people are still making the effort to produce books that are not only full of the author’s art, but are works of art in themselves.

You might still be lucky enough to score a copy of this, if any of the 300 are left. I expect there’ll be a paperback run once the hardbacks run out, which will still be worth your time and money, because it’s still full of Angela’s stories. But if you’re interested, follow the link below and try to secure your copy of this piece of beauty while there’s still time.

Sourdough & other stories by Angela Slatter, With an Introduction by Robert Shearman and an Afterword by Jeff VanderMeer, from Tartarus Press.