I’ve just added another list in the sidebar of this blog. It contains links to some of the greatest writers around the world. These are people that have the wildest and most original imaginations and produce some of the most groundbreaking work in speculative fiction. They are also all, in one way or another, people that have had an influence on my life and my writing. Ooh, I bet they’re proud.

I’ll continue to add people to this list as time goes by, but there’s a good selection to be going on with for now. If you have any favourites that would suit the list, then be sure to let me know.

My life is slowly taking on a semblance of normality again after the impromptu trip to the UK recently, so I plan to get busy again here and in other aspects of my writing. The sequel to RealmShift is well under way and that will continue to be the focus of my efforts. So, I should stop procrastinating and get on with it!