Ho ho ho, Christmas is coming. It’s that time of year when you show friends and loved ones how much you care with gifts and togetherness. And you know what the best gift is? Whisky. But after that, it’s books. Honestly, you can’t go far wrong with books as a gift. You’re showing love by sharing a thing you’ve loved. You’re saying, “This story bent my brain in all the good ways and now I want to bend your brain the same. Then we can talk about how brainbent we’ve become.” It’s both gift and togetherness. But you know what’s better than a book? A book signed by the author. It adds that something extra special. Books are special enough, but when it’s signed by the author and dedicated to your friend or loved one by name, that’s the pinnacle of gift giving.

So, here’s the thing. I’m happy to send any of my books to you or anyone else, signed to whoever you choose. Just reach out to me via the contact page here and we can sort it out. You pay for the book and postage, which makes it not only the best gift, but also a damned affordable one. Bonus!

Unless you live outside Australia, that is, as AusPost are bloody footpads when it comes to international postage costs. But fear not! There are always solutions. Two options. 1. You pay exorbitant postage costs (like $US20-40 or something, depending on weight/number of books) and enjoy the knowledge you’ve gifted something wonderful, or 2. You buy the book/s in your own country from Amazon, Indiebound, wherever, and then you hit me up for signed bookplates that you can stick into the book before gifting it. I’ll sign as many bookplates as you want and post them anywhere in the world for the nominal postage fee of US$5. Then you turn a sweet book into a sweet signed book like some gift-giving wizard.

And now here’s a very special deal for people in Australia (and overseas too, but the previous caveats apply. Read on.)

When the Alex Caine trilogy (BOUND, OBSIDIAN, and ABDUCTION) was originally published in the US, it was with Ragnarok Publications. Sadly, they went under not long after publication. Thankfully the series was picked up by Gryphonwood Press, and it lives on. However, the result of the Ragnarok collapse was that they ended up sending me a few boxes of books, the US editions of the trilogy. As it’s published by HarperVoyager here in Aus and NZ, I can’t sell those copies here, due to territorial rights. But I can give them away. Happy Christmas! So, if you want a signed trilogy, you just have to pay postage. A pre-paid satchel from AusPost within Australia is AU$14.55. I’ll need to bubble wrap the books to make sure they arrive safe, so we’ll add a couple of bucks to the price to make sure it’s all covered, then there’s PayPal fees – so let’s call it AU$18 all up for a signed trilogy. That’s only $6 per book! They’d make a great Xmas present too, so if you want more than one trilogy, let me know. I’m not sure how many I have, but probably a couple of dozen or so. First come, first served! So get in quick.As above, email me via the Contact page here to order.

IF YOU’RE OUTSIDE AUSTRALIA, the postage is brutal. It’ll cost something like AU$45 to post them overseas. Which is insane. Of course, I’m more than happy to send them to you under the same deal (but that’s $50 instead of $18), but you could buy the new Gryphonwood Press editions much cheaper – it’s about US$30 for all three. If you want to buy them in the US and have me send you signed bookplates to stick in them (as per above), that’s not a problem at all. If you’re really keen to have these last few Ragnarok editions (maybe they’ll be collector’s items one day?), then I’m happy to send you those.

This is what you’ll get:

So, if you’re interested, get in touch asap and when they’ve all gone, that’s it. I made this offer to newsletter subscribers first, and there’s only a handful of books left, so get in quick. All my other books, or the Voyager editions of Alex Caine, are plentiful of course.

For anyone outside Australia, you’ve only got about a week left to guarantee Xmas delivery, so don’t delay.