These are indeed weird-ass times. We’re living through an unprecedented global event and we’re all struggling to find our way. A lot of people are doing it way tougher than me, but I still have bills coming in (so many bills) and I’m trying to navigate the new paradigm. One big problem for me is that every in-person event this year since March has been cancelled (signings, conventions, workshops, etc.) That’s a large part of an author’s career, and a lot of lost book sales. I’m trying to make up for that loss. I’ve managed to get a bunch of event stock back to sell direct, so copies of the books listed below, signed and personalised, posted anywhere in Australia, are available until I run out. (I’m happy to post overseas, but shipping costs are brutal. For anyone overseas, I can instead post you signed book plates to stick in copies you buy from your local Amazon, or wherever you prefer to shop. Signed book plates are just $5 for as many as you want.) So, the currently available books are:

Devouring Dark – urban horror novel, finalist in the Aurealis, Ditmar, and Australian Shadows Awards.
A genre-smashing supernatural thriller that masterfully blends elements of crime and horror in an adrenaline-fueled, life-or-death rollercoaster ride.

Hidden City – urban fantasy/horror novel.
A grim and gritty fantasy noir with razor-sharp humor.

The Alex Caine Trilogy – dark urban fantasy trilogy.
Bound (Finalist for the Ditmar Award)
Obsidian (Finalist for the Aurealis Award)
A relentless whirlwind of magic, sex, and violence… a rollercoaster of gritty magic, evocative settings, and brutal action.

Served Cold – short story collection, winner of the Australian Shadows Award.
16 provocative and intensely chilling tales blending horror, fantasy, and the weird.

All the above are $20 each plus postage (see below for postage).

The Roo – gonzo horror creature feature novella

Manifest Recall (Eli Carver 1) – supernatural crime/noir novella
Recall Night (Eli Carver 2) – supernatural crime/noir novella

These three novellas are $15 each plus postage.

Postage is a flat $10, anywhere in Australia, whether you buy one book or several.

Payment by PayPal to [email protected] or email me (same address) for bank transfer details or with any queries.

(Again, I’m happy to post overseas, but shipping costs are killer. If you want signed book plates to stick in copies you buy locally, I can send those for $5 for as many as you want.)

If you want to gift any of these things to someone else, I’m happy to sign and post them wherever you like, and I’ll gift wrap them for free if you like.

Hit me up with any questions or if you want anything else, and we’ll make it happen. I also have a few bits of Alan Baxter merch available via my Redbubble store here. You can find a few cool things there.

If you do buy any of these, I can’t thank you enough. Book sales themselves are obviously good for me to make a living, but new readers are also a huge ongoing boost to an author, so please consider buying gifts for people too. With Christmas fast approaching, signed books make a great present. If you have enjoyed my work, please do help me spread the word – your honest reader recommendation is gold, so thank you!