Signed books make excellent gifts, and with Christmas coming up, what better way to show your love of friends and family than books dedicated to them and signed by the author? So here’s a special offer for the season.

I’m offering a Special Christmas Gift Pack that includes:

  • 3 signed and personalised books (of your choice from those listed below)
  • some signed postcards
  • a limited edition “Welcome to The Gulp” black nickel enamel pin

The cost is AU$75 for the lot, including postage anywhere in Australia. The same offer applies to anyone not in Australia, but the cost is AU$135 outside Aus because the postage for this parcel to anywhere beyond our borders is AU$61.60. Madness, but I have no control over that. Also, overseas orders might take two or three weeks to arrive, so factor that in.

You can choose any three of: Sallow Bend, The Gulp, The Fall, Served Cold, Hidden City, Devouring Dark or The Alex Caine Trilogy. (Other books of mine might be available, so if you’re keen for something else, drop me a message and check first if I have it.)

Scroll down for the buy links, but please read the details below too.

When you click through to order, there’s a box you have to fill in that asks how you want the book signed. In this box please put the following:

Which books you want and

Who you want them signed to.

Also, if you want me to send the books directly to a recipient, make sure the shipping address reflects that, and if you want them gift-wrapped, I can do that too. Let me know in the same comments box.

Any questions, drop me a line. Order from these links:

For Australian 2022 Gift Pack orders click here.

For 2022 Gift Pack orders going anywhere outside Australia, click here.

Of course, if you just want one book or some other combination of things, just go to the Books by Alan page, click on anything you want, then click the orange Buy Signed Paperback button. And questions or problems, drop me a line.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support of my writing and happy holidays to all!