So you all know I’ll be at Continuum X. My schedule is posted here. Well, it turns out those awesome people at HarperVoyager have made some ARCs of Bound available. An ARC is an Advanced Reading Copy, so it’s not the final version of the book – the artwork on the cover, the back cover blurb and some internal corrections are not final – but it is the full novel. There aren’t that many changes between the ARC and the final version coming out on July 1st, to be honest. The front and back cover will be a bit different, especially the back, but the content is purely some corrected typos and a few very small changes that you probably wouldn’t even notice unless you’re particularly pedantic. You are? Then I challenge you to find the changes!

Anyway, so at Continuum X, we’ll be giving away a bunch of these ARCs. Every time I give one away, I’ll sign it for you. If you get a giveaway from the organisers, come and find me and I’ll sign it for you. The best chance of getting one will be to come to any of the panels I’m on. I’ll give away at least one ARC at every panel I’m sitting on, and at least two at my reading. Can’t say fairer than that. Well, maybe I could, but I have to eat, you know?

See you at Continuum! I’ll be arriving around midday on Saturday.