I’ve had another short story accepted for publication. It’s not a paying market this time, but a new journal showcasing emerging Australian writers called Harbinger Journal. They produce a print ready pdf download of each issue and are trying to develop their profile high enough to produce a hard copy anthology each year of the best from each issue.

There is a theme set for each issue and my story, Runaway, will appear in Issue 03, for which the theme was Secrecy. Runaway is a contemporary non-genre piece, which is a bit beyond my normal hunting ground, but it’s always good to exercise those creative muscles. I’m most at home writing Speculative Fiction, so writing something non-genre was an interesting challenge for me. I actually wrote this story some time ago and didn’t really consider getting it published. Then I stumbled across Harbinger Journal with their Secrecy theme and this particular story fits perfectly. So there you go, another publication to add to my CV. Which I will get around to writing up and posting here on my website sometime soon, I promise.

You can learn a bit more about the Harbinger Journal project by clicking here. If you’re a writer, have a go at submitting something and see how you go. Non-paying or paying markets, anywhere that accepts your work through an independent editing process is a publishing credit. If you enjoy quality short fiction, keep an eye on the site and buy a download when it’s produced. I’ll drop another note here to let you all know when the issue is released.