If you remember a few days ago I made a post about writers submitting their work to fiction publications in the form of short stories to help to get themselves noticed. This is the original post I’m talking about.

Well, what do you know. One of those fine publications has just accepted one of my short stories for their December 2007 edition. It’s an online magazine called the The Harrow. They bill themselves as The Harrow: Original Works of Fantasy and Horror. They publish some great stuff and I’ve sent them submissions before that haven’t been accepted. However, in a perfect example of how determination and hard work can get you published, they have now accepted a submission of mine. I’ve just signed the contract for it today.

It’s a short story called The Night Bus. It was actually written when someone made a very casual passing remark that ignited a little bit of inspiration in my fevered brain. Someone, in conversation, simply said, “Man, I hate being alone on a bus!” The story grew from that.

I’ll give you a reminder when the story comes out and you can go and have a read. I’d certainly be interested in your feedback (comments or email) as it’s always interesting to know what people think of my work. In the meantime, you can have a look at the other things already published over at The Harrow; there’s a link in the Fantastic Fiction box on the left.