I’m very pleased to announce that another piece of my short fiction has been published out there in the real world. This particular story is a whimsically existential idea called Crossfire, published by The Oddville Press. Who are they? According to them:

The Oddville Press is a downloadable electronic non-profit magazine in PDF format dedicated to bringing high quality Fiction, Poetry and Artwork to the forefront.

It’s staffed by committed volunteers with high standards of excellence whose mission is to promote today’s geniuses and tomorrow’s giants.

Yes, that’s right – I’m a genius of today and a giant of tomorrow. That means I’m destined to be a genius giant. So look out all you schoolyard bullies, my vengeance is nigh.

Anyway, my story is appearing in the June edition, which is Volume 1, issue 4, and has just been released. You can check out all about the publication at The Oddville Press website.


Check out my name there on the cover.

Here’s a direct link to the PDF of Issue 4 – you should be able to right click that link and Save As and you’ll get the magazine directly. Otherwise, click here and select the correct issue from the list. You can download the previous three while you’re there – there’s some great stuff in this mag. You’ll find my story on page 74 of Issue 4.

Don’t be shy to leave me a comment here and let me know what you think of the story.