I’ve had another short story published. Two in one month, a new personal best.

This one is a little bit different, being a non-genre piece. I normally write in the science-fiction, fantasy or horror genre, or some mishmash of all three. This was something written deliberately out of my comfort zone.

I was pleased to have it accepted at Harbinger Journal, which is a relatively new Australian online journal. They are planning to have print ready files available for purchase before long, but that seems to have been delayed at the moment. In the meantime, all the issues are available online. There have only been three so far, but they are doing the right thing and I always like to support Indie press wherever possible.

The cover of Issue 3.

Each issue has a theme and the theme for issue 3 was Secrecy. Every once in a while we writers get lucky and a market pops up for something we have already written. That’s what happened with this one. I had already written the story, Runaway, for a competition, but it didn’t get through that time. As with so many stories, it was shelved awaiting another opportunity. As it was something out of my genre I wasn’t too active in placing it as I usually keep my attention on the writing markets that fit my genre writing. Then I heard about Harbinger Journal with their current Secrecy theme, and it was a perfect fit. Fortunately the editors there liked the story and now it’s published.

So always persevere and don’t give up on anything. Some of my stories have bounced around numerous places before being accepted and many more are still bouncing around, awaiting acceptance somewhere.

If you’re interested to read this story, you can find it at the Harbinger Journal website. Click on Issue 3 and then select the story from the list on the left. Be sure to let me know what you think.