Antipodean SF is an online speculative fiction magazine that specialises in flash fiction. Short, sharp, clever pieces of fiction that never exceed 500 words. From the website:

AntipodeanSF ‘online’ exists to let the world know that there is such a beast as an Australian (i.e. antipodean) science/speculative-fiction writer… In a nutshell, AntipodeanSF wants to bring the ‘other’ briefly, and sometimes horribly, into view (as most good SF does).

It’s a great publication and I’ve been trying to get something published there for a while. Fortunately, I’ve finally cracked it. This was one of the publications on the short list of places that I’m really keen to be published in. Other than the pleasure of having something accepted in a well respected publication, it’s having something accepted in a publication that I always enjoy reading that really makes me feel warm inside.

Anyway, get on over to Antipodean SF and have a read of my flash fiction piece there, Terminal Illness. Let me know what you think, here in comments or by email as usual, and be sure to rate the story for me over there. Read the other stories too – there’s some good stuff in this latest issue.