I recently discovered Horror Bound Magazine. It’s a great little online zine for all things horror, with book reviews, featured authors, interviews, art, photography, poetry and short fiction. The editors over there were kind enough to accept a short story from me for publication and it’s just been released with Issue 7.

According to the site: Horror Bound Magazine is a literary magazine primarily for horror fiction, however, we also feature dark fantasy, noir, thriller and speculative fiction.

You can find my short story Cemetery here. Have a read and let me know what you think. While you’re there, follow the links around and see what else they have on offer. The Submission Guidelines are easy to find if you’re inclined to send in something of your own for consideration.

Incidentally, with regard to the design and format of the Horror Bound website, there’s a printer icon at the bottom of the story. If you’re not too comfortable reading the story as it appears on the site, scroll straight down and click that icon. It will switch the page to a nice black text on white background with no sidebars or anything else – much more comfortable to read that way. You don’t need to actually print it of course. The majority of online zines tend to have this option, so always worth looking for.