You may or may not know about SeizureOnline. According to the website:

Seizure is

* a new avenue for authors to get published
* a collection of serialised novels
* a website with RSS feeds, sub-divided by each story with its own feed
* available worldwide
* released monthly in collected book format.

It’s a pretty cool and very slick little venture. Primarily Seizure is interested in serialising longer works over several editions. However, they also want to publish occasional one-off short stories in various editions and they were kind enough to accept my sea monster horror story Deep Sea Fishing for publication in issue 4. The story is available online and in a collected print edition through Amazon.

They were also nice enough to conduct a quick interview with me, which is also up on their website. Other than the question about the story itself, all the other questions and answers are rather silly. So, go and support a quality market for writers and find some great fiction as well. Love to hear what you think of my sea monster story.

Here are all the relevant links:

The interview with me on the Seizure blog.

My story, Deep Sea Fishing, at SeizureOnline.

Amazon page for the print edition featuring my story.