In a bit of frivolous fun, Scribe’s website runs a flash fiction competition once a month. For those that don’t know, flash fiction is based around the idea of a very limited word count and a given theme. For May 2007, the word count was a maximum of 200 words and the theme was The Garden Gnome. I had a stab and entered a piece and it came in joint second in the final vote.

Flash fiction is an excellent exercise in writing. Given that you have a very strict word count and theme to work within, it’s a good test of writing ability. It really makes you edit your own work very harshly and only say what is absolutely essential. It also makes a writer get across a premise, a development and a conclusion in a very tight timeframe. Any writers out there, sign up to the Scribe’s Writing Desk forums and have a go yourself.

If you’re interested to read the piece I wrote, I’ve posted it on the Short Stories page of this website.