Remember Second Life, the virtual world? Turns out it’s is still a thing – a really big thing! – and it also turns out it’s the domain of some incredible artists among many other things. People are creating wonderful stuff over there and there’s a thriving society going on. And one of the things that’s really popular is the Second Life Book Club.

Draxtor (the other character in the video below, reading The Gulp – find on Twitter) is the creator and host of the Second Life Book Club. He’s created something fantastic. I’m super excited to be a guest there in July. To be there, I needed a SL presence and they created this amazing avatar for me, which I just love. I’ll post more photos of my SL form below the video. Meanwhile, this is a trailer Draxtor put together for my appearance on the Book Club. It’s so moody, I love it! I’ll be a guest next Wednesday 21st July at 5pm SLT (which is 5pm CT, or for the Aussies, 11am AEST on Thursday July 22nd). You can find all the links here to join us in-world, or watch as it’s streamed everywhere. Meanwhile, watch the trailer below.

Here’s some shots from Book Club Island. I’m told a specific environment will be made for our interview, so can’t wait to see that. Click on these for a bigger res image:

If you missed the event, you can find it along with all the other guests right here: