Yes, folks. It’s true. Fred Haley says so.

Every once in a while you come across something truly bizarre that simply stops you in your tracks. With the internet a regular part of daily life, these track-stopping discoveries are more common than ever before. It happened today. I was minding my own business, searching for images of Satan (it’s a long story and not worth recounting) when I came across this:

Satan Was A Lesbian by Fred Haley

This was a book written in 1966 with the cover art by one Doug Weaver. It’s a title in a range of “Sleaze Sex Paperbacks” that were apparently quite popular at the time. Proof that there’s a market for pretty much anything. Interestingly, Fred Haley’s title implies one of two things; Satan was a lesbian, therefore a gay woman, so she must now have gone straight or become a man. A third option is that Satan was indeed a female and a lesbian, but no longer exists, hence she was a lesbian. I certainly hope Haley addresses these issues in the book or there’s going to be a lot of people out there desperate for closure.

A lot of the sleaze paperbacks featured or centred around lesbians and a lot of them had Satan somehow involved, at least in the title. There were, however, a number of others, focusing on various aspects of sleaze sex. For example:


Sex, Pot & Acid by George Bailey. What more could you ask for? According to the blurb just under the title, the book addresses some very deep issues:

LSD and marijuana: are their powers over our youth really meant for mind awakenings or for sex cravings?

He makes the two things sound mutually exclusive.

Another one that caught my eye was the very futuristic:


Plug-In Passion by John Dexter. Other than the rather quaint notion of the concept, I love how this one has “A Leisure Book” noted at the bottom of the cover. I suppose that’s to make sure people realise that it’s not a text book or some kind of work book for school.

Then I discovered this one:


The Man In The Box by Corley Dale. Yes, she’s unzipping the fly of a corpse. Perhaps this stuff is all best left back in the sixties where it belongs.

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